Review Policy

Rating System:

To keep things simple I follow the Goodreads system for rating books which goes like this:

5/5: It was amazing - I highly recommend it and you should go and read it ASAP.

4/5: It was great - I really liked it and would definitely recommend it. 

3/5: It was good - I enjoyed reading it despite some problems I had with the book and would recommend it to certain people.

2/5: It was okay - I found some aspects of the book enjoyable, but also a lot of problems that would deter me from recommending it to most people. 

1/5: I didn't like it - I found too many problems with the book to enjoy reading it and would not recommend it. 

There will also be half ratings where I feel it's appropriate.  


All reviews will be spoiler free for stand-alone books or the first book in a series.  There may be spoilers for earlier books in a series if I am reviewing a later book in that series.  If that is the case I will put a spoiler warning at the beginning of the review.  

Negative Reviews:

All reviews on this blog are of my own opinion.  I try to be as honest as I possibly can when I am reviewing a book.  Any criticism I give should be considered constructive.  Any comment I make about a book that is perceived as being negative is a critique on the book and not a personal attack on the author or anyone who likes the book.   

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